Selected Works

Keillor Songs (2012)
Five songs for mezzo-soprano and piano setting five poems by Garrison Keillor; commissioned by Jennifer Rivera; world premiere TBA.

Sister Carrie (2012- )
An opera in two acts, libretto by Herschel Garfein, based on the novel by Theodore Drieser; in development with Florentine Opera Co. and University of Minnesota Opera Theatre.

Three Waltzes (2011)
For solo piano, commissioned by the California Music Teacher's Association: world premiere, July, 2011, San Francisco, CA.

Parables (2010)
For four soloists, large chorus and orchestra; based on text by Herschel Garfein; commissioned by the Topeka Symphony; world premiere, May 1, 2010, Topeka, Kansas.

Janus Overture (2008)
Concert overture for large orchestra; commissioned by Keith Lockhart and the Brevard Center Orchestra, world premiere, June 27, 2008, Brevard Music Festival, North Carolina.

Elmer Gantry (2007)
An opera in three acts, for 8 principal singers, large chorus and orchestra; based on the novel by Sinclair Lewis; libretto by Herschel Garfein; world premiere, Nov. 16, 2007, Nashville Opera, Nashville Tennessee.

Murietta (2006-2010)
A musical in two acts currently in development; for seven principals, large chorus and instrumental ensemble; story by Jorge Cacheiro and Oliver Mayer, lyrics by Caridad Svich; fully- staged premiere planned, spring, 2011

Clarinet Concerto (2004)
For Bb clarinet and chamber orchestra, commissioned by Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Premiered by Orpheus at Montclair State University, April, 2005, and by LACO in May, 2005, Los Angeles, California. Naxos Recording, 2010.

LoveSongs (2004)
A song-cycle (fifteen songs) for tenor and piano.

Brand New Day (2004)
An overture for chamber orchestra, commissioned by the Boston Classical Orchestra for their twenty-fifth anniversary.

Bless This House (2004)
For a cappella chorus. Commissioned by Heather Buchanan and the Montclair State University Chorale for the opening of the Alexander Kasser Theater.

Leda and the Swan (2002)
For full orchestra. commissioned by The New Jersey Symphony, The Nashville Symphony, The Louisville Orchestra, and the Louisiana Philharmonic. Premiere to be scheduled by the New Jersey Symphony for the 2002-2003 season, Newark , NJ. 15 minutes.

War Stories (2001-02)
For full concert band. Commissioned by the Montclair State University Concert Band. Premiere scheduled for April, 2002. 10 minutes.

Trio for Violin, 'Cello and Piano (2001)
Commissioned by the Gramercy Trio; premiered at the Peabody museum, Salem, MA, April, 2001. 28 minutes

A Prayer: for a Music (2000)
For large SATB chorus and pipe organ. Commissioned by Festival Chorale Oregon. Premiered in Salem Oregon, May, 2000. Text by Herschel Garfein. 11 minutes.

Celebration Overture (1999)
For orchestra, commissioned by the Gulf Coast Symphony; premiered January 8, 2004, Biloxi MS; duration: 9 minutes

Carolinian Dances (1999)
For violin and piano, commissioned by Boris Kucharsky; premiere November, 2000, Munich Germany; duration: 19 minutes.

SoundMovesBlues (1999)
For Bb clarinet, Eb alto saxophone and piano; commissioned by SoundMoves, premiere, October 1999, New York City and New Haven; duration: 13 minutes.

The Third Person (1998-2001)
A musical, based on a short story by Henry James. Staged reading presented by the York Theatre, New York City. Herschel Garfein, book and lyrics; duration: 2 hours.

Gabriela Skrabakova
An encore piece for violin and orchestra; arranged for violin and piano Commissioned by Boris Kucharsky. Premiered by Boris Kucharsky and the Dortmund Musikverein, March 1999 (3 minutes).

Concerto no. 2, for Violin and Orchestra (1997)
In three movments. Commisioned by Sharan Leventhal and Boris Kucharsky. premiere performances by the Topeka Symphony, 1998, and by the Dortmund Musikverein, 1999; duration: 33 minutes.

String Quartet No. 2 (1996)
In four movements. Commissioned by Charles Schwager. Premiered in New Haven, CT, September, 1996, by the Kucharsky Quartet; duration: 32 minutes.

Ecstatic Overture (1996)
A concert-opener for orchestra; premiered by the Norwalk Symphony, March 1998; 6 minutes.

Larger Than Life (1997)
A musical comedy in two acts, for 6 singers, small chorus and orchestra, developed in conjunction with Manhattan Theatre Club(2 hours, 30 minutes). Premiered in a workshop performance in NYC, June 1997.

Three Folksongs (1992)
For Bb clarinet and string quartet. Commissioned by Pacific Serencades (15 minutes). Premiered in LosAngeles, California in February, 1993 by Gary Gray and Pacific Serenades.

The Concord Trio (1991)
For Bb clarinet, horn and piano, commissioned by the Concord Community Music School, Concord, NH(12 minutes). Premiered in Concord, NH in May, 1991 by their students.

Quartet for an Outdoor Festival (1989)
For soprano saxophone, violin , v. cello, and piano. Commissioned by the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors Festival(14 minutes). Premiered at the Fountain Plaza, Linclon Center, NYC in August, 1989.

from my little island (1988)
A theme with nine variations, for marimba solo, commissioned by Leigh Howard Stevens(20 minutes). Premiered in Boston, MA by Nancy Zeltsman in May, 1990.

String Quartet no.1/'Ghosts' (1987)
In four movements. commissioned by the Boston Composers String Quartet(30 minutes). Premiered in Boston, MA. February, 1988 by the Boston Composer's String Quartet.

Parable of the Blind (1987)
For flute, clarinet, violin, v. cello, piano, two percussion and offstage- antiphonal soprano. Commissioned by the American Dance Festival(20 minutes). Premiered in Durham, NC in July, 1987 by the American Dance Festival.

threedance (1987)
For violin, marimba and tablas. Commissioned by Marimolin(10 minutes). Premiered in Bopston, MA in January, 1987 by Marimolin.

Sonata for Cello and Piano (1986)
Commissioned by Bruce Coppock(22 minutes). Premiered in Boston, MA in July, 1986 by Bruce Coppock and Judith Gordon.

Concerto no. 1 for Violin and Percussion (1985)
For solo violin and 7 percussionists. Commissioned by Frank Epstein and the New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble(19 minutes). Premiered in Boston, MA in November, 1985 by Sharan Leventhal and the NEC Percussion Ensemble.

Collected Songs II (1986-1991)
Jazz and popular songs arranged for solo piano.

Collected Songs I (1981-1986)
Jazz and popular songs arranged for solo piano. Premiered In Boston, MA in 1986 by James Brough.

Prisoner of Love (1985)
For Bb soprano saxophone and piano(13 minutes). Commissioned by Fred Hersch and Jane Ira Bloom. Premiered in Boston, MA in April, 1985.

The Reagan Re-election Blues (1984)
For trumpet, tenor saxophone, two pianos annd two percussion (8'). Premiered in Cambridge, MA in November, 1984 by the Composers in Red Sneakers.

Summerdance (1984)
For chamber ensemble and dancers. Commissioned by the Beth Soll Dance Co(45'). Premiered in Boston, MA in May, 1984 by the Beth Soll Ensemble.

Can't You Hear the River, Flowing? (1984)
For violin, v. cello and piano(16 minutes). Premiered in Cambridge, MA in April, 1984 by the Composers in Red Sneakers.

Combo Platter (1983)
For violin, alto saxophone and marimba(11 minutes). Premiered in Cambridge, MA in November, 1983 by Marimolin.

Cities and Mountains (1982)
For violin, viola, v. cello and piano(12 minutes). Premiered in Cambridge, MA in October, 1982 by the Composers in Red Sneakers.

Short and Suite (1982)
For solo piano. Commissioned by the Rivers Contemporary Music Festival(10'). Premiered in Weston, MA in May, 1982 by Peggy Senter.

Aren't You Mad? Aren't You Mad About What's Going On? (1982)
For jazz trio, 2 harps, chorus and 6 actor/speakers(21 minutes). Premiered in Cambridge, MA in March, 1982 by the Composers in Red Sneakers.

Four Children's Songs (1979)
For soprano and guitar(12 minutes). Premiered in Boston, MA, 1980. 1980 at the New England Conservatory of Music by the Terry/Arnold Duo.